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The best place for
your best days

Welcome to Family Ark Mission


Family Ark Mission is a charity organisation dedicated to helping our older people make the most of later life. Ageing is not an illness, but it can be challenging. At Family Ark Mission we provide services to inspire, enable, support older people and be their voice in the society.


This is meant to be the best days. At Family Ark Mission, Agency for the Aged, WE MAKE THEIR DAYS COUNT

From computer classes to mobility aids, we offer services to help make your lives easier.

Social Activities & Fun Trips, Meal on Wheels, HealthCare on Wheels, Home Care Service for Elderlies, Free Medical Check-ups, Last Offices & Funeral Rites, Walkathon


Our Befriending Service

Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely and isolating. At Family Ark Mission, we offer befriending service to older people to help tackle the problem of loneliness. 




Come celebrate WORLD ELDERS' DAY at the very first Ageing Conference for Africa; featuring dignitaries, experts, thought leaders and elder leaders. Join Us and Be A Part of the CHANGE


Numerous organisations are becoming partners and individuals are actively volunteering with us to make a difference - join in and help us make that difference and let the world know that Older People are very much still Full of Life

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