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About Us



We are a Non-Governmental, Not-For-Profit organization founded in 1994 by our late President and Founder, Major (rtd) OLUBUNMI IDOWU-OKUSANYA with the original aim of preparing older persons living in Nigeria to approach and celebrate ageing in dignity and independence and to support them towards glorious and happy exit.

Family Ark Mission is registered with CAC as a Non-Governmental Organization. It is a non-profit making organization with registration number: CAC/IT/NO/25502 with the aim of putting smiles on our Elders and with the objective of collaborating with various organizations and stakeholders to disseminate aging and support services information to seniors, families, providers, community agencies, and the private and public sector.


We see a Society where older people are celebrated and empowered to live a quality life with dignity, peace and purpose in their last days. We have a huge ambition and it may not be a quick journey but we are working every day, one older person at a time to achieve this. 




To advocate active ageing where older people remain actively fulfilled in all areas of their lives; physical, mental and social.




  • Alleviate loneliness amongst isolated elderly people through friendship, care and love

  • Promote respect for the older people's dignity

  • Foster independence and help the older people to live a better quality of life for as long as possible

  • Liaise with statutory organisations and voluntary groups in an effort to improve the quality of life of those referred to Family Ark Mission

  • Advocate and lobby the Government policy in favour of the older people by highlighting the difficulties they face and consulting with the policy makers

  • Increase awareness of the important contribution elderly people have to offer

  • To celebrate the achievements and contributions of the older people in our society through our World Elders Day events


Late Major (rtd) Olubunmi Idowu-Okusanya



Family Ark Mission has a Board of Trustees to monitor our strategic objectives. The Senior Directors work closely with the Trustees to carry out the day-to-day running of Family Ark Mission.



Family Ark Mission - Agency for the Aged (AGA)

Family Ark Mission - Youth Care Project (YCP)

Family Ark Mission - Aged Centre for Education (ACE)

Family Ark Mission - Mono-Single Parenthood Scheme (MOSPARS)

Family Ark Mission Media & Publications (FAMP)

Family Ark Entertainment (FAE)

Family Ark Mission Enterprises Limited



South Africa





Influencing the Government Policy on Care for the Aged ​

We understand how important it is that for any long-term change to take place for older people to live a better quality of life, the process will have to begin at the policy level. The policy makers have both the resources and the responsibility to make positive change happen. 


We continue to lobby with the Government and advocate for policy on Care for the Aged. This is to ensure that older people’s concerns become national concerns and that they are not left to live unprotected, ignored and marginalized

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