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Your Health Matters To Us

Fitness and Exercise


Keeping physically active not only strengthens bones and muscles, but also improves your mental health and increases your chance of living longer. As you age, staying active also improves your ability to maintain an independent lifestyle.


Did you know that one in three adults over 65 fall and that falls are the leading cause of injury death for this population? Falls are also the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries and most fractures among older adults are caused by falls.


JOIN US at our Next Walkathon, Group Dance and Chair-based Exercises

Healthy Eating






Health and Wellness


The health and wellness of older people is a critical component of vibrant living. At Family Ark Mission, our medical practitioners offer you free monthly health check and provide information and advice on how to keep healthy.


We also offer seminars and talks on various illnesses and how to avoid them.We also provide sessions on topics such as nutrition, the benefits of physical, social and mental activities, and living your best life while dealing with some of the age-related health issues common to older people.

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